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The Reasonable Choice in Excavation for Home & Business Owners

Rick Eplion Paving Inc. offers home and business owners in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia a reasonable choice when it comes to excavating work. As an excavating contractor, we bring decades of the experience to every job and project we do. Call on us at (740) 886-0330 or toll-free (855) 886-0330 when you need excavating done at a reasonable price. If you prefer, contact us online. We stay competitive because we offer experience, quality, and customer satisfaction.


Excavating Contractor with Experience for Professional Results

The crew of Rick Eplion Paving comes with decades of skill and experience in excavation, which results in a professional site that is ready for the next phase of your project. Our heavy-duty equipment offers your home or business the power to get the soil and debris moved and the site graded and prepared timely. Our team members know the importance of maintaining a clean and safe site for whatever construction, landscaping, or other project you have in mind.

Excavation Performed in OH, KY, and WV by Skilled Staff

Excavation work teams at Rick Eplion Paving Inc. visit several sites throughout the Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia region. Our skilled staff members have experience with all phases of excavation, including:

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Excavator Services for Homes and Businesses in the Tri-State Area.

Land altering projects, such as construction, landscaping, and more, require an experienced excavator who knows not only how to work an excavator, but also keep other parts of the job site safe. When you are eager to get a project underway, you need the excavation done and the site prepared properly to avoid work delays. Rely on Rick Eplion Paving Inc. for quality excavator services. We serve the region with the quality and experience you need, so contact us today.

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Excavating and Site Preparation Work

Site work issues arise with various properties and can contain other costly items that are generally included in what we might offer as part of the quote. Some of the items that customers encounter during the excavating process include:

Construction and Site Work Considerations

The quote offered on site work projects depends on several factors, and variables can climb up to ten percent or more of the total projected construction cost. Property owners may be advised to allot more money for sitework jobs for locations that are heavily wooded, very sloped or that require clearing for construction. The experts at Rick Eplion Paving offer site work services for commercial and residential properties.

General site work ought to be part of your construction quote. When receiving bids, check that it lists site work items under your property or piece of land. Each county may implement rules, regulations, and fees related to construction. Builders and contractors often include site work and excavation under allowances because of unforeseen challenges or other emergencies they may encounter.