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Dear Mr. Eplion:

I would like to thank you and your Company (Rick Eplion Paving) for transporting the 300 ton of crushed asphalt to the YMCA Kennedy Center to help us improve the road leading to the Baseball Field. We will also be using the materials to cover the walking trails around the facility to the make them safer for the seniors using the walking trails daily. Adding the crushed asphalt has made a tremendous difference in the appearance of the facility. Without your help none of this work could have been done.

It is because of individuals like your self and companies like Rick Eplion Paving that allows the Huntington YMCA to continue to offer facilities and programs to the youth of the Tri State Area. The Marshall University Baseball Team, St. Joseph High School Baseball Team and the Huntington Hounds Travel Baseball Teams are very appreciative of your generosity in providing trucks to assist us in making these changes.

Your sign has been hung and is visible for everyone to see when they enter the YMCA Kennedy Center and participate in our sports programs.

Thank you again for your support and generosity.

George Smailes, Jr.
Huntington YMCA