Residential Paving

in OH, KY, and WV

“Serving All Your Home Paving Needs!”

Rick Eplion Paving Inc. is Here for Homeowner Paving Projects

Maintaining a safe pavement around your home is easier with Rick Eplion Paving. Our team of workers makes quick work of whatever home-based paving projects you may have, from installing new paving around your home, replacing or refreshing existing asphalt pavement, and more. Why fuss with renting out heavy-duty earth-moving equipment when the pros at Rick Eplion Paving can do it all? Talk with the experts today and you will see the savings in calling us first. See our excavating page for more on site work services, then call (740) 886-0330, toll-free (855) 886-0330, or contact us online to schedule a quote.

Paved Driveway

Local Paving Company Near You for Quality Property Paving Maintenance

Rick Eplion Paving Inc. is your local paving company, serving neighbors in the Southern Ohio, northern Kentucky, and West Virginia region. We serve homeowners who are looking for residential paving that makes their homes safer and more appealing. From installing a driveway, walking paths, parking areas, drainage systems, and more, residents of OH, KY, and WV trust the skill and expertise we bring to every residential paving job.

Save Time on Repairs and Top Coating Your Residential Pavement

Homeowners know the importance of maintaining residential pavement areas. While residential pavements are relatively smaller, they still require consistent upkeep. When top coating your residential pavement proves to become too much of an inconvenience, our paving experts can help you save time, energy, and aggravation. We do residential and commercial paving repairs and resurfacing professionally, with the equipment and resources to keep your paved residential areas looking their very best.

Curb Appeal Starts at the Curb with Rick Eplion Paving Inc.

Every residential property experiences some measure of daily wear and tear, which is why it is important to every property owner to consider maintenance. At Rick Eplion Paving, we recognize that curb appeal starts at the curb, so we offer residential paving services that our customers appreciate throughout the region.